Snow Gear Reminder

I’m not sure if the snow will accumulate today, but it feels like a good time to remind everyone about winter weather guidelines when it comes to recess.

1. Students will go outside if the windchill is above 5 degrees.

2. If snow is on the ground, students will need boots and snow pants in order to leave the blacktop.  Kindergarten parents, students often bring these to school in a separate bag (reusable shopping bag, etc.).  Think about practicing putting on boots and snow pants today at home.  Finally, please label coats, boots and snow pants, so we can find the rightful owners if they get lost.

3. Here are the winter temperature guidelines that are used district-wide.


5 and Below = Indoor Recess

6-50 = Winter Coats

51-60 = Coat or Sweatshirt

61 and Above = Best Judgement