February 2019 Spotlight on Finance

Over the next few months, we will look at each of the findings included in the State Audit and share what we have done to address their recommended control procedures in a series of updates called Spotlight on Finance.  Many of these changes actually took place prior to the audit being released and others were already on our list of planned tasks to complete.


Solicitation of Donations

The Iowa Gift Law was shared with new staff in August and also with coaches in December.  This is part of the Business Procedures Manual.  A SafeSchools module on this topic will be an annual requirement as well as part of new staff procedures.

Improper Use of District Equipment

District employees will receive this reminder on an annual basis and Board Policies will be reviewed to ensure clarity.

District Vehicles

All-district vehicles have logos permanently affixed.  Mileage logs are being sent on a monthly basis to the district office.


Business Office employees and District Office Administrators have been made aware that the state auditor’s office should be notified any time there is a suspicion of embezzlement, theft, or other significant irregularities.

Work Environment

The Executive Director of Personnel now reports to the Superintendent. Due to staff changes and improved communication, staff morale has improved in the Business Office as well as other departments. We will continue to find ways to increase employee engagement and organizational culture. The district is in the process of working with Gallup to send an employee engagement survey for all staff to complete.

Spotlight on Finance Monthly Updates