Superintendent Search Update

On Monday, Feb. 25, during the Waukee Board of Education meeting, members of the Board, along with representatives from McPherson & Jacobson, continued to discuss the superintendent search.

The discussion included conversations about the qualities the Board would like to see in the next Waukee Community School District superintendent, as well as an outline of the proposed next steps of the search process.

Proposed Timeline:

  • March 1 – Start advertising the position externally
  • Week of March 11 – Stakeholder group meetings with McPherson & Jacobson
  • March 25 – Board of Education meeting
    • Oral report of stakeholder meetings
    • Select interview questions
    • Determine interview procedures
    • Decide on a compensation package
  • March 28 – Position closes to applicants
  • April 15 – Board of Education meeting (closed session to discuss the following items related to the superintendent search):
    • Meet with stakeholder group chairs
    • Review candidates
    • Select finalists
    • Finalize candidate daily interview schedule
    • Finalize district interview schedule
  • Week of April 22 – interviews with the candidates

Thank you for your continued support of the Waukee Community School District. We will continue to post updates about the Superintendent Search Process on our website.