We Are in This Together Waukee

I want to first say thank you for your continued patience and support in our new ways of operating from a distance. We continue to move forward and will continue to connect with you and your child in numerous ways in the coming weeks.

We will offer core learning resources to sustain learning.  We have sent some online resources to families in our first weekly building communication, and these will continue.  In addition, we are working as teams to provide specific learning opportunities for our students. Any resources shared are designed to review and/or extend learning and are entirely optional from the perspective that we can’t make them required, however, they are strongly encouraged.

  • MONDAY: You will receive an email from your student’s principal.
  • TUESDAY: You or your child will receive an email from either your student’s teacher or principal with review and enrichment activities.

For 8-12 students, those emails will go directly to the students’ email addresses that they have been utilizing this year.
Students enrolled in a concurrent course will receive guidance as dictated by the post-secondary institution. The current plan for these classes is to continue for the remainder of the semester.

As mentioned before, we are continuing to work on solutions for Government and Physical education, as well as other credit-bearing courses.

Thank you for filling out our Technology Needs survey. Behind the scenes we are working on infrastructure needs to support all of our students. Our IT department and senior leadership team are working with internal and external partners to get a system in place to deploy devices and internet needs. As you can imagine, there is an increased demand for devices, along with other hardware. The supply chain may impact our ability to provide additional resources to families. Stay tuned for more information.

Our plan is to be positioned such that were this to continue beyond April 10th, we can deliver school to our students, and have them situated to be successful, regardless of their circumstances or location.

We look forward to connecting with you on this new adventure.
Dr. Brad Buck, Superintendent