District Launches New Apparel Stores

Waukee Community School District (CSD) is excited to announce we have created new online apparel stores and a new process for maintaining and managing official district brand elements/logos.


Proceeds from the new apparel stores will go directly to the district. Items ordered will be shipped directly to the person’s house. You can start shopping today including new gear for Northwest High School:


All Waukee CSD activity organizations—both District-Sponsored/Affiliate and registered Non-District-Sponsored—are required to follow the Waukee CSD brand guidelines for use on uniforms, signs, apparel, website, collateral, and any other promotional products. Organizations are also required to work with Waukee CSD Approved Vendors for the production of promotional materials using Waukee CSD branding. All Waukee CSD Approved Vendors are provided brand guidelines and have been given exclusive permission to use Waukee CSD district and activities logos. If you wish to work with a vendor that is not currently on the Approved Vendor List, please refer them to the Waukee CSD Vendor Application and Approval Process.

Brand & Logo Guides


By providing guidelines for brand usage, our goal is to create a consistent, identifiable, and respected brand presence. Our hope is this guide will streamline branding questions and resources, offering each group choices and direction for promoting their activities. If you have questions please contact the Communications Department at info@waukeeschools.org.