Today’s the day – you can now officially use Buoy’s Back With Care™.  To ensure as safe a work environment as possible, all employees are urged to use Back with Care to screen themselves. Screening is quick, easy and secure, and can be done from anywhere.

Back With Care™ is…

●                Quick & Easy: All it takes is a minute or two to do your part in protecting those around you.

●                Backed by Doctors: Our medical team reviews all recommendations and regularly updates Back With Care to reflect the latest CDC and public health guidelines.

●                Secure & Private: To protect your privacy, Buoy only shares your name, date of birth, and whether or not you received a pass for in-person work. If you do not receive a pass for in-person work, HR will be informed. Read Buoy’s privacy policy.

●                Personalized Guidance: Whether you’re managing COVID-19 symptoms or navigating related anxiety, Buoy can guide you to the right resources.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Log in to Back With Care™.
  2. Buoy will ask you a set of questions to learn more about your possible COVID-19 symptoms and exposure risks. Please note “new or worsening symptoms” does not include routine symptoms or seasonal allergies.
  3. Based on your answer, Buoy will give their thoughts on if you are ready for in-person work or suggested to stay home.  If you are advised to stay home, please reach out to HR for your leave options.

Buoy will provide you with resources to help you safely manage your symptoms.  You can also use this link:

To learn more about using Back with CareTM, please see the FAQ.

Thanks again for your cooperation and support as we get through this unprecedented time. With everyone doing their part, we can help keep the people of Waukee Community School District – and beyond – as safe and healthy as possible.  If you have any questions, please reach out to District Nurse Jo Hromatka, Maggie Holton or Roxy Livermore in HR.