Email: Return To Learn Matrix and Second Semester Option

UPDATE: We were informed by SchoolMessenger, our email communication platform, that Google/Gmail addresses were auto-blocked due to issues with Google/Gmail. This is not a situation unique to Waukee Schools. Once there is a remedy to the situation, out of our control, we will be sure to let everyone know. In the interim, please visit for the second-semester email sent yesterday. We will provide additional time to

Sent Tuesday at 4:30 p.m.

Good afternoon Waukee Families,

At last night’s Board meeting, the Board reviewed and approved the revised Return to Learn Matrix.

The three main changes include;

  1. Track three days of an attendance rate below 84-86% for a building. It was previously one day.
  2. A discussion will happen between a building administrator and the teacher when a classroom or grade-level has an absentee rate of 30% or greater. Several additional factors will be considered when determining a transition to online learning. This is newly added based on experiences to this point in the school year.
  3. Clarification of staffing patterns and our ability to staff school buildings and serve students. These data were being used, however, they are now clarified in the matrix.

Due to the updated considerations included in the revised matrix, families will have one final opportunity to change their second-semester enrollment to attend in-person or online by 11:59 p.m. on Friday, December 18, 2020.

It will be the responsibility of the parent/guardian to reach out to the building principal via email or phone to request this change. Upon receiving and approving these requests, principals will make the appropriate change in PowerSchool to keep our spring data up-to-date.  This is only for those families wishing to change from their second-semester selection, for those who do not wish to change you do not need to do anything.  

Return to Learn Matrix Infographic

In addition to the revised matrix, district administrators are working on an educational model that will offer an option to add an elective to 6-9th graders’ schedules who attend school fully online for the second semester. More information will be provided after the winter break once all details are available.


Dr. Brad Buck, Superintendent