National Physical Education Week – Eason Elementary Spotlight

It’s hard to replicate the energy and excitement of an elementary PE class. 

“The best thing about it is getting to be athletic and just running around and having fun,” says 2nd grader Knox Vanderheiden.

During National PE Week having fun is easy to do. But it’s also important to talk about all the amazing benefits of PE class.

“I think it’s important in elementary kids because they need to be getting up and running around during their daily schedule to sit and learn in the classroom,” says Eason Elementary PE Teacher McKelle Moon.

PE class has looked a little different this year, but the results are incredible.

“I think they’ve shown me it’s ok to try new things and we can have fun with very little equipment or equipment we’ve never used before,” says Moon. 

This year has is also about brainstorming for our district’s PE teachers.  What works? What doesn’t? What do kids like? What equipment to we need?

As we celebrate all of the work done by our PE teachers this week, we  also need to say job well done. PE class is different, but PE class is fun. It’s unique and it’s important.

“I’ll remember this year as being different, but not in a bad way,” says Moon. “I think our kids have really enjoyed coming back to the building, and they’ve enjoyed being at school. I think my job seems more important and the idea of being together seems more important. I don’t think I’ll forget that part about it.”