Durham School Services, a national leader in student transportation, has been operating bus services for Waukee Community School District since July 1, 2013. Durham operates approximately 80 buses for the district. Every bus features two digital video cameras to monitor student behavior and the latest in GPS technology to provide real-time data from the road and help manage fuel consumption. All special education buses are equipped with air-conditioning.

If you have any questions regarding transportation, please feel free to call the General Manager. If you have questions regarding bus fees, please call the District Office at 515.987.5161.

Enroll/Cancel Transportation Services

Transportation Request Form
– This form must be completed to enroll for transportation or to cancel transportation with Durham.

**This applies if you did not complete transportation during the registration process.

*If you signed up for transportation at registration and no longer need bus services, you must complete the online transportation form to cancel services. You will be charged if you don’t cancel services.

Busing & Walk Zones


Busing and applicable fees are determined by your primary home address.

  • Elementary: more than 1 mile from the school = free
  • Secondary: more than 2 miles from the school = free
  • Walk-Zones will be defined as:
    • Elementary Schools living less than (.76 miles)
    • Secondary Schools – grades 6-12 living less than (1.01 mile)
  • Within these walk-zones, students will not be allowed to pay to ride.
  • Distances are calculated in accordance with board policy.
  • Please refer to Board Policy: 702.2: Student Eligibility for Transportation and 702.2-R(1): Student Eligibility for Transportation
  • Kindergarten through fifth grade students who live between .76 – .99 miles from their designated attendance center may pay to ride District-provided transportation.
  • Sixth through twelfth grade students who live between 1.01 – 1.99 from their designated attendance center may pay to ride District-provided transportation.


  • $625.00 per year, round trip, per child
  • $312.50 per year, one-way, per child
  • Fees will be assessed within the 1st quarter of school for the 1st Semester
  • Fees will be assessed within the 3rd quarter of school for the 2nd Semester
  • *Pay to Ride Fees are non-refundable

Distance to and from school is determined by Durham School Services GPS routing system.

*Fees are non-refundable if the cancellation process has taken effect after fees have been assessed.

Non-Public Parent Reimbursement Request Form

If mailing forms, please send them to the address below:

Waukee Community School District
560 SE University Ave
Waukee, IA 50263

Bus Pass FAQ

Students will not be tracked using the student ID. While the student ID does have a passive RFID chip, there are no readers inside the school for the purpose of identifying a student’s location. In addition, the RFID chip will not be used for transactions in the library, cafeteria or nurses office. Rather, a bar code scanner – similar to those found in grocery store check out lines – will be used to scan the bar code on the front of the ID.

The only location where a RFID reader will be used is on the school bus. As students get on and off the bus, the RFID will be read by the reader and log the time and location where a student got on or off the bus. This measure has been put in place to increase the safety of students, particularly for younger students who may get off the bus at the wrong stop.

The student IDs use passive RFID, which means that it does not emit any type of signal unless it comes in close proximity to a RFID reader, about 1 – 2 inches. The only readers the district uses are located on the buses to log when and where students get on and off the bus.

The only information stored on the student ID is the student number. No identifiable information such as name, grade, campus, social security number, etc, is stored on the card – either via the bar code or the RFID chip.

All students will be required to have a badge on and off the bus.

IDs are used to easily identify each student as they are scanning on/off the bus to have an accurate account of who is on the bus at all times.

All students are provided their first ID card at no expense. But should the ID be lost, stolen, or damaged, a replacement can be promptly purchased for $5 from their designated school office.

All students will receive a Waukee CSD lanyard with his or her student ID. You are not required to use this lanyard and may purchase a different lanyard or ID holder of your choosing (must be appropriate for school).
The only requirement is student IDs must be visibly worn on the upper part of the body.

IDs easily identify which students are on the bus and if/where the student got off the bus. This will allow an accurate account for all students whereabouts to and from school.

  • We encourage students with a device/phone to take a picture of their ID in case they misplaced it as a backup.

Contact Information for Durham Services

Our bus facility is located at 605 University Ave., Waukee, IA 50263.

  • Phone: 515.987.2788
  • Fax: 515.987.2701

Gwen Brettman, General Manager
515.987.2788 x16103

Ron Davis, Safety Manager
515.987.2788 x16102

Scott Plummer, Routing
515.987.2788 x16105

Elisa Kpurukoo, Operations Supervisor
515.987.2788 x16107

Bonnie Tovrea, Trip Coordinator

Marjorie Burnett, Student Behavior Specialist
515.987.2788 x16001

Mary Dickey, Dispatcher
515.987.2788 x16000

Karissa Hicks, Administrative Assistant & Payroll
515.987.2788 x16106